Thank you once again for joining us for our launch. We are excited to present you with our membership offering and hope that we have been able to prove ourselves to you as an organisation. We encourage you to become part of the rising tide that is the YPA.

The main requirement of becoming a member is contribution to society. All our membership options, as such, include some form of contribution that will benefit scholars and university students and at the same time demonstrate your commitment to positive change in the country.

Membership options are as below:

Acacia Member

These are friends of the association. This member will have access to YPA general events. There is no fee required but there are also no added benefits. The main purpose of this membership tier is to allow potential members to evaluate the YPA’s value proposition and see if it is something that is attractive to them. They are not eligible to be part of any leadership structure or projects of the YPA. They can participate in projects of the YPA.

Yellowwood Member

This is the first formal tier of a recognised member of the YPA. This member is required to complete an application form and their personal profile is to be added to the YPA database. In order to become a member, the individual must make a R3000 contribution to a good cause. The R3000 will be invested in one of the following areas of needs, with facilitation from the YPA:

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Baobab Member: 

This is the final frontier, a class of YPA members who go above and beyond. This is a member who invests in ALL of the areas of need mentioned in the Yellowwood membership, which equates to a R12 000 or more investment in empowering young people. This can be achieved through a once off investment or over a period of time. It is going above and beyond what is required and will be recognised as such. 

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Honourary Member

These are members who are 40 years and above and align their personal values to those of the YPA as well as areas of interest. They are also encouraged to make a donation to the activities of the YPA, to be ambassadors of the YPA and help bolster the association’s ability to meet its vision and strategic objectives.


Our aim is to make sure that membership is defined by an act of service, kindness and giving back to people who most need the help. YPA is a platform to enable YPA members to make a contribution. The benefits of being a Yellowwood member is access to research and information; access to business and funding opportunities that the YPA is and will be exposed to; funding guidance and support; private functions with people of interest and captains of industry and society.