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Civil Partnership


Our Civil Partnership Pillar is tasked with finding strategic ways of engaging with government in a structured manner. YPA seeks to utilise its existing networks and skills therein, in order to devise strategies that create maximum impact in our pillars. Our projects are output driven. They are thought provoking by design and are structured to provide a base for discussions around policy and policy implementation.

For the 2016 Calendar year 4 projects and 12 deliverables have been identified, namely

  • July 2016: Analysis of the disconnect between Corporate supply chains and SMME's. This will take the form of a series of articles each followed by a 10pax dinner debate.
    • Article 1: Problem Statement
    • Article 2: View of Government
    • Article 3: View of Corporate
    • Article 4: View of SMME's
  • September 2016: An article related to Mid Term Budget Speech…Bring a subject expert in the room and host a "Town Hall" debate with membership.
  • November 2016: Host Round table discussion during Global Entrepreneurship week, With all three stakeholders in the room. 
  • December 2016: Draft paper of our finding from all engagements of the year and proposed solution to be considered for implementation in 2017.