Yellowwood Member

This is the first formal tier of a recognised member of the YPA. This member is required to complete an application form and their personal profile is to be added to the YPA database. In order to become a member, the individual must make a R3000 contribution to a good cause. The R3000 will be invested in one of the following areas of needs, with facilitation from the YPA:

  1. Purchase of a new laptop with bag with Windows Office; or
  2. Payment of school fees for a number learners from peri-urban based secondary schools up to this R3000 value or
  3. Purchase of School uniforms, stationery, sports gear and another consumables linked to student activities and improved learning; or
  4. Purchase and distribution (to students or young entrepreneurs) of a YPA/Bokamoso Business Toolkits priced at R400 per toolkit